Some of the problems that I am often asked to help with are:
  • Learning difficulties, for example,
    • Reading, writing and spelling,
    • Number difficulties
    • Generalized learning difficulties
  • Behavioural problems, such as ,
    • Problems with paying attention and concentration
    • Difficulties with anger or aggression
    • Attention seeking
  • Social and emotional difficulties, such as,
    • Relationship problems
    • Stress, anxiety or depression
    • Low self-esteem
  • Developmental Difficulties including,
    • Autistic spectrum conditions
    • Dyspraxia, etc
  • Psychological aspects of your child’s health, well-being or any disability
If you are reading this it may be because you have concerns about your child’s development, his or her learning or the way he or she behaves, in which case, as an educational psychologist, it is likely that I may be able to be able to help you.  

You may also be an adult who is seeking some help for yourself.
How I work

When you ask me to work with your son or daughter, we will begin by discussing why you want me to work with him or her.

To start with, I will discuss your concerns with you, and together, we will agree what steps to take next. This may be consultation with you, individual work with your son or daughter, some counselling, or even a combination of any of these. All my work will be fully and carefully negotiated with you and before I begin we will agree what I will do and what my fees will be.
What happens next is what I call the intervention. This usually involves;
  • a full discussion with you about your child and his or her strengths and weaknesses, their difficulties, problems and areas of success,
  • an informal discussion with your child about their view of their life and achievements,
  • working individually with your child using specialist psychological tests to provide a full assessment of their abilities and of their achievement, and
  • a brief verbal feedback to you at the end. (I will send you a full written report afterwards),
  • a single session of about two  to three hours.
You can Download any of these free advice sheets by clicking on the icon;


At the end of my work with your son or daughter, I will send you a full written report that tells you about;
  • the work I did,
  • the results I found,
  • my analysis of the results, and
  • my recommendations for future action.
All of my work will be fully and carefully negotiated with you, and before I begin we will agree what I will do.

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the thoroughness of your assessment that you conducted on my son. I must state that in my opinion it summed up succinctly T's strengths and weakness in a highly insightful manner, without recourse to psychological semantic debate.  This was indeed refreshing and we are highly grateful to you for that. Too often we have found that our son has been lost in amongst wider discussions and this report managed to retain T's essential uniqueness, thank you."  ~  Mother of 18 year old with an ASC
"I cannot praise Mr Ward enough....He is a lovely man who I found easy to talk to and who I felt was a strong presence in helping me win the case for my son.” ~ Parent of 13-year-old boy Sunderland
“The assessment and report has been the most thorough we have received to date” ~ Parent in Teeside
Without Charles’s detailed report I don’t feel we would have won our case to get our son into a specialist school for children with autism” ~ Parent of 14-year-old boy with an ASC in Merseyside
“We are more than happy with your assessment and are very grateful for the information you have given us. I know this is going to help L. a great deal” ~ Parent of 7-year old in an International School
"Thank you for putting so much thought into your comments and recommendations" ~ Parent of a 8 year old girl with an ASC in Sheffield
"Your report has given us an insight into the school day. It is very thorough and fair. We do feel you have the measure of A" ~ Parent of a 7 year old girl with Down Syndrome in Gateshead.
"Thanks for all your help. I shall not hesitate to contact you in the future if we feel we need help." ~ Parent of a very able boy in Yorkshire.


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