Hello, my name is Charles Ward.  Your parents or teachers may have asked you to have a look at this page on my website.  

They will probably have done this because they or you have some concerns about you.  They may think that you are having difficulty at school or have worries about things that are stopping you enjoying yourself. You may feel a little troubled or even perhaps you’ve had difficulty recently with your behaviour.  

Your parents or teachers have asked me, or are thinking about asking me, to see if I can help you and to make life a bit better for you.

In my job,  I’m quite lucky because I get to see lots of young people like you. Usually I will see them at school, in their home and sometimes in my office.  Most times after we've met and been introduced by their teachers or parents, we work together on our own. However, some children and young people prefer to have a parents or a teacher in the room when we work together. If you feel that would be better for you; that’s absolutely fine!

You might be wondering what we might do together.  First of all, we will just have a short chat and you can say whatever you want to say about how you feel.  

Then I might ask you to do some activities with me.  This may involve me asking you some questions.  It may be that you have to work out some answers.  Nearly everybody who does these things with me finds they are fun.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and I hope you’re looking forward to meeting me.  What I want most of all is to be able to help you.

PS:  Do you like the picture of the young boy I put in the box? I chose it for two reasons:
              First, I liked it because it made me smile.  
              Second, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if every boy and girl I met could feel like him and want to be strong!?”
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